Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Can't we go back to the 50s?

After talking to the students here at Edinburgh College of Art, it is clear that the young designers are looking for change in the fashion industry. The overall consensus is that the industry's idea of a 'normal' body type is damaging the self-esteem of young women and that students want to design clothes for healthy bodies. As one young designer pointed out, "It's frustrating that at London Fashion Week a size 8/10 is a plus-size."

The students are aiming to promote confidence by creating designs that honour the natural healthy body, regardless of size or shape.  The second-year project has been inspired by a genuine 50's mannequin, a Marilyn Monroe-shape, more typical of that era. Diversity in model shape has become stagnant since the arrival of the waif-look in the 90's, when beauties such as Helena Christensen, Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford dominated the fashion pages. There is a certain nostalgic element to the project; real, healthy women today are not considered high-fashion. The shocking treatment of Gemma Ward back in 2007 after her small weight gain, stylists walking out on Mark Fast's plus-size models in his S/S 2012 show, Karl Lagerfeld (enough said!)...

The weight debate is a delicate one. However, after meeting the Edinburgh students today, the future looks bright. If tomorrow's fashion designers are striving for change, perhaps the reign of size 0 is finally coming to an end.                                                                                 

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