Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A Form Of Protest

UCA's All Walks team interviewed Fashion Design students at Edinburgh College of Art taking part in the All Walks Centre Of Diversity Protest 2012 about their mannequin designs, which are being taken out on the streets of Edinburgh tomorrow to confront pedestrians with the growing need for diversity within the fashion industry, whether it's a matter of size, ethnicity, age or height.

"How can the death of models not be enough? These are unhealthy distorted thoughts of what the body should be and it's a vicious circle within the industry. But at the same time, we shouldn't push a certain size on models." -Holly and Loren

" Our design is about a reflection on the positive.Through the project we have realised, in regards to the extreme thinness of models today and just one standard clothing size, that it doesn't have to be like that. The industry should aim for it to just be about being healthy and what's best for you." -Colleen & Lilly, whose mannequin design is covered in reflective, mirror-like material.

"It is not about stopping 'the skinny', but embracing the new body.' - Heather

With such varied views on the subject diversity in fashion, we are looking forward to what tomorrow's protests in Edinburgh will bring, watch this space for further updates...

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